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Freight Logistics Training & Guaranteed Career Placement

Online Course Registration

Student can pre-register and apply for financing conveniently online. When funded pre-registrations reach the Minimum Class Size of 45 Students. Registered students will be notified via email. phone and certified mail of the next course start date.


After confirmation of funded tuition from a lender, state, federal, veterans vocational rehab or private sponsorship;

Registered students will receive their prepaid travel, hotel accommodations and restaurant meal packages.


Registered students will be able to choose from the following prepaid modes of travel:

  • Air Travel - Economy Class

  • Greyhound or Megabus

  • Car Rental - Full Size or SUV

  • Student Loan Financing For:

    The RBBS Logistics Learning Centers



Compare the best terms from the nation’s premier lenders & funding partners in seconds.

Loan amounts
up to $50,000. Repayment terms
up to 60 months. Challenged credit accepted
as low as 580.

Guaranteed Career Placement

After successful completion, Graduates will take part in Full Day of Recruitment Style interviews with Multiple “Established Prominent & Federally Bonded Logistics Brokerage Firms & State Licensed Dispatch Firms” Competing to impress those Graduates who excelled and showed promise during the week of course studies. All with the intentions of adding New Talent to their network of Brokers and Dispatch Agents.


Every Graduate is guaranteed at least one contract offer from one of the brokerage & dispatch firms participating in the day of recruiting. Thus, assuring all graduates will receive an offer to become a part of the exciting trucking, freight logistics and transportation industries as a licensed freight broker agent or as a freight dispatch agent.

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